Hey there Walk! Bike! Brockport! community! We just wanted to give you a recap of our recent event – the Canal Clean Sweep that we participated in on April 23, 2023.

For those who don’t know, the Canal Clean Sweep is an annual event organized by Parks & Trails New York (PTNY) and the New York State Canal Corporation to clean up and beautify the New York State Canal System. Having access to clean hiking and biking routes is important to WBB, so we were excited to don some gloves, grab a garbage bag or two, and start collecting.

We were thrilled to have a wide range of participants from our community, including the Brockport High School Drama Club, Brockport First Baptist Church, members of the village leadership, and two groups from SUNY Brockport: the Softball club and Phi Epsilon. It was inspiring to see so many people come together for a common cause – to keep our community clean and beautiful.

Although the weather was not ideal, with some rain and heavy winds at the beginning, it didn’t dampen our spirits. We were able to pick up lots of garbage along the north and south sides of the canal bank between the village Welcome center to the Smith Street Bridge. We even found some unusual items, like chairs, tables, and a bowling ball that was in great condition!

We value having a civic-minded community that is interested in keeping our neighborhood clean and beautiful. By participating in events like the Canal Clean Sweep, we not only help to improve the appearance and usability of the canals for recreational activities but also foster a sense of community pride and engagement.

We want to thank everyone who participated in this event, especially our volunteers who worked hard to make a difference in our community. We hope to see more people join us for future events and continue to make our community a better place.

BoB claiming he caught the big one (he didn’t)
Rozenn found a cool bowling ball.
Participants received free t-shirts
Brockport Baptist ready to rock!
Trash-hauling superheroes away!
Lots of debris gets stuck in the sides of the canal.
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