I woke up Saturday morning to some nice sunshine and wind. Upon returning home from an early morning meeting, the skies turned cloudy and it started to rain. (Probably not an environmental commentary on Saturday morning meetings, but you never know.) Fortunately, the brief storm passed in time for a very pleasant trip from Brockport to Holley on the Canal Trail. We had approximately 20 riders show up for the event.

Riders undeterred by the morning rain.

While the skies were blue, the wind was fierce. The canal does make for a nice wind tunnel, and there were some gusts that almost brought me to a standstill. It’s not an uncommon occurrence when headed westbound on the trail. Fortunately our ride leader (Garrett) had planned for several stops so that the group could stay together and take a quick breather if needed.

Almost there…

Our first stop in Holley was at the falls, which is a beautiful destination this time of the year. We hadn’t planned to get closer to the falls during this trip, but I’m sure we can work it in to a future one. It was a great vantage point for some photos.

Riders enjoying the view

After checking out the falls, we visited an ice cream shop in the village. Now it was a bit too cold for me to get some ice cream, but a number of riders were willing to try out some flavors.

Break time in Holley

With the wind at our backs, the return to Brockport was quick. Susan at the Welcome Center had set up a table of apple cider and donuts (thanks to the village for purchasing the snacks) and we wrapped up the event with some very pleasant social time, most of which centered around “when are we doing this again?”

The answer is: soon.

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