Today, leaders from the village, college and canal organizations came together to recognize the recently installed accessible kayak dock located near the Welcome Center in Brockport. Speakers commented on how providing inclusive access to kayaking on the canal is a great boost to the village both as an economic and tourism driver, but also as a means to build and strengthen a vibrant community.

Our very own Garrett Roe was on hand to help demonstrate some of the features of the boat dock, including how the on-boarding is designed to assist kayakers with limited mobility.

After showing us how easy it is to get into the kayak, Garrett took the boat out for a spin, highlighting some of the accessibility features such as the outriggers that provide stability and special seating that provides trunk and torso support. Other kayaks had paddle assist systems that allowed paddling with one arm.

If you haven’t been out on a kayak on the Erie Canal (and even if you have), there’s still time to enjoy an afternoon on the water. Kayaking on the Canal excursions take place on weekends throughout September. You can view the schedule and get tickets here. Oh, and by the way, excursions are free.

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